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At Lightholder Consulting, we aim to do better than our competitors, and that begins with our commitment to integrity in all of our business practices. We follow through on our commitment by providing world-class customer service, hiring the best and brightest talent, and solutions that futurize

When Lightholder Consulting launched in 2017, our CEO Scott Philips was chief, cook, and bottle washer. Based on more than 20 years in the field, Scott had a vision to be a company with unmatched integrity. Experience showed him that other companies often dropped the ball and were unreachable to clients after a project was complete. With integrity as a core value, Lightholder Consulting has outgrown its startup roots and thrives on building lasting partnerships with its clients.  

  • Privately owned business 
  • Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA  
  • Over 13 years of experience working 100% in Microsoft Dynamics cloud technologies 
  • Over 15 years of experience in SAS automation and streamlining 
  • Seasoned experts in development, software architecture, project management, and quality assurance 



  • Integrity: Being trustworthy, honest, and respectful is who we are not just what we do. 
  • Responsive: We pride ourselves in delivering world-class service and a client-centric approach to harmonious solutions. 
  • Diversity: We recognize and embrace the right of all individuals to mutual respect. 
  • Forward-thinking: We strive to deliver solutions that work today and futurize your business for tomorrow. 
  • Passionate: Achieving customer satisfaction is what drives our team and our solutions. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to deliver world-class client service and forward-thinking, harmonious business solutions implemented through the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Our vision is to deliver forward-thinking solutions that allow for the democratization of technology and accessibility to all people. 


  • setting a high bar of integrity in all business practices 
  • employing the full strength of our multidisciplinary, dedicated team of experienced professionals 
  • following through on our project commitments  
  • responding promptly to clients and partners  
  • measuring our success by our clients' success 
  • aligning with partners who share our values

Our Team

The team at Lightholder Consulting comes together for a single purpose: to uphold the organization's mission. We unilaterally work with integrity. We genuinely care about our people, products, and clients. We are building a company that inspires people to do great things together.

Scott Philips, CEO

Owner and CEO of Lightholder Consulting, Scott is a certified Microsoft Dynamics professional with more than 23 years of full SDLC experience in futurizing organizations. He is passionate and even obsessed with doing things the right way. Keeping your promises, giving people the good and bad news even when it's inconvenient, and understanding that heart and hustle beat polish and puffery every time are some of Scott’s core beliefs. He started the consultancy because he saw a lack of old-fashioned values like integrity throughout business practices in the IT space. A voracious reader, diver, fisherman, and adventurous traveler Scott encourages and supports work-life balance at Lightholder. 

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Kelly J. Wilding, VP of Marketing 

Kelly is a sales and marketing executive with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Her roles at Lightholder include innovation, brand management, strategic marketing, and driving mission-focused internal support. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, a master's in communications and is working on her Ph.D. in community engagement. Her nonprofit sector experience helped Kelly build powerful partnerships skills, which she believes is key to success. Kelly is adjunct faculty at Point Park University, volunteers for several Pittsburgh nonprofits, and enjoys hiking, biking, and just about anything outdoors.   

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Rachael Smith, Social Media Manager 

Rachael brings more than 5 years of expertise in social media management and content curation across many industries. She crafts posts and graphics to create brand cohesion and visual appeal. Rachael is an artist who expresses her passion through personalized artwork. She is a born adventurer who likes to travel, explore antique and vintage boutiques, and spend weekends being curious with her hubs Wesley and corgi pup, Wally.

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Our Culture

At Lightholder Consulting, you will work alongside company leaders, industry innovators, and darn good people. Our team constantly seeks innovators and innovations that futurize our organization and those we serve. We seek out the best and brightest talent who truly enjoy solving the toughest challenges.

Community Engagement 

At Lightholder Consulting, giving back to the community and, specifically, the communities in which we live is what we do for fun. As a company, we support organizations that create opportunities, provide services, or expand partnerships that are transformative to the people and communities they serve. 

Through a partnership with the nonprofit Cobalt Way to Safety and the federal program Uniting for Ukraine, Lightholder Consulting has sponsored more than 20 refugees from Ukraine for two-year temporary stays in the U.S. One family living Mariupol lost their jobs, cars, and home during the Russian invasion of their city. Lightholder Consulting is proud to support the Ukrainian people.