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Let Us Guide YouTo a NewMicrosoft Experience

Modernize. Transform. Futurize.

Through the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, our experts combine proven strategies
and innovative technologies to connect, streamline, and secure your organization's processes.

Futurize Me

Futurizing Your Organization

Futurizing your organization with innovations across the Microsoft ecosystem means you can expect transformational solutions that streamline your processes today and help your organization thrive tomorrow. 



With more than 20 years of experience, the experts at Lightholder Consulting have the skills and resources needed to deliver solutions that work to futurize your organization and optimize costs, manage risks, and adapt to ever-changing technology. 

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Futurizing your organization is about more than providing a product. After the in-depth consulting phase, our team of experts brainstorm the exact processes and products to implement that will deliver solutions to help your organization run smoother. 

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The team of industry experts at Lightholder Consulting tailors Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (COTS) applications that not only solve your organization's challenges but futurize your processes. We deliver industry and business-specific functionality as well as implementing the latest Microsoft out-of-the-box solutions.

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The team of industry experts at Lightholder Consulting will work closely with your team to understand the processes that have contributed to your success. Futurizing your organization doesn't always mean starting over. Integrating what works can be key to your continued success. 

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At Lightholder Consulting, our clients experience world-class customer support. That means you can expect that we will listen closely, be proactive about meeting your needs, respond quickly, hire the best talent, and let you decide what success means. 

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Company values that extend beyond the mission statement




At Lightholder Consulting, our core value is integrity, and it's not just what we say. It is who we are. We don't overpromise and then underdeliver or step back as soon as the project is complete. We do our work with integrity, which means delivering the solutions that work for you and being your partner now and into the future. 

About Lightholder


The market's gold standard portfolio of cloud-based business applications delivers configurable, scalable, and affordable solutions.

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Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform connects Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps to build end-to-end business solutions. 

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Solutions need to meet organizations where they are whether on-site, remote, hybrid, or multicloud. 

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Business Central

From Finance and Operations to Enterprise Resource Planning, this functionality connects your operations at small business pricing. 

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Client Success Stories

I reached out to Lightholder Consulting when we were looking for an expert to help with a MS Dynamics project. Not only did they supply the expertise that we needed, they were very flexible to accommodate some specific contractual obligations that we needed to comply with. They delivered a great work product, and my customer was very satisfied with their quality and professionalism.

Steve Broadman
Data Storage Savings

Data Storage Savings

Lightholder solutions helped this organization save thousands of dollars in monthly storage costs.
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Streamlined Scheduling

Streamlined Scheduling

Lightholder solutions simplified and automated scheduling to save the client time and money.
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Want to Know More About Futurizing Your Business?

We would like to get to know a little about your company. Here at Lightholder Consulting we always like to know the WHAT before the HOW.

Schedule a 15-minute introductory call to chat with us about your challenges and needs. We'll listen carefully. Whether you are new to Microsoft or a current customer, let Lightholder guide you to a new Microsoft experience. 

Yes, Futurize Me!