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Data Storage Savings

Goals: save money, mobile functionality, better storage
Key Components: Azure Blob, Mobile App
Specialty: real estate
End-user: field managers

The client was alarmed by the rate their data storage plan was costing them monthly to store artifacts on their account records. They needed a seamless solution that could accomplish a few goals: save money and not need a complete rewrite of their current ERP\CRM solution.  They also wanted to add mobile functionality, incorporating a new storage solution to allow for a seamless user experience for saving attachments properly. 

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Project Process

After an in-depth consultation with the CTO and Director of IT about the challenges faced, we determined what processes were causing the most usage in their current storage plan. We interviewed users and asked what UI changes we could make to improve their experience and allow them to save artifacts such as pictures and documents in the field.


The solution included a pivot away from Dynamics 365 core storage for saving attachments and leveraged a much less expensive Azure Blob solution storage for saving off artifacts for some system entities. We also included a new mobile application that made keeping and taking photos easy and worked seamlessly with their Dynamics 365 application.


The client saves thousands of dollars every month in additional storage costs with these changes. The end-users are very happy with the mobile solutions, which saves dozens of person-hours a week, saving and attaching artifacts to Dynamics 365 records.

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