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Complete Process Modernization

goals: Organizing workflows, sending emails, reporting for accountability
Key Components: Dynamic 2016 On-Premises, SharePoint & Nintex
Specialty: immigration
End-user: federal judges
End-users were tasked with emailing paper applications and creating Excel spreadsheets for tracking the approval process for more than 500 external organizations. What a headache!

Guy with a headache
Outdated technology

Project Process

Like all projects, our team began by engaging  stakeholders in the organization. The existing process was very laborious and demanded that one person devote 20 hours weekly to input data and coordinate the entire application approval process for more than 500 external organizations. When an organization was denied or accepted entry to the program, there was another manual process of emailing the applicant their notification. Then, an HTML roster report was sent to content managers via the public-facing website and manually added to an organization roster in Excel.
Our team 
designed a process using Business Process Flows in Dynamics 2016 and SharePoint for document storage to streamline the application, approval, and roster report generation tasks.


Our team utilized Dynamics 2016 Busines Process flows and a new external portal allowing applicants to file applications online. This new portal eliminated the need for manual data entry. The approval process was then handled by process-driven steps in Dynamics to provide checklists and feedback from internal approvers to expedite the approval process.

Applicants were then electronically notified regarding outcomes. The external portal also allowed applicants to add additional documentation and provide notes.


Lightholder Consulting helped cut application processing time from 20 hours weekly to just 30 minutes. The new program also automated the generation of roster reports and updates to the public-facing website, eliminating additional work hours.

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