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The experts at Lightholder Consulting bring decades of industry-specific experience to every partnership. We provide industry solutions so organizations can adapt, futurize, and thrive.


  • Government: Empower federal, state, and local public sector employees to work together and securely.
  • Healthcare: Deliver better experiences and care by connecting people, data, and processes.
  • Financial Services: Drive business growth and productivity while delighting your customers.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacture a more resilient and sustainable future by driving innovation.
  • Retail: Create rich, connected experiences across the end-to-end buying journey.
  • Nonprofit: Build powerful partnerships that connect and optimize organizational processes.
  • Professional Services: Drives efficient sales operations and allows companies to automate customer-facing business processes.
  • Education: Integrate solutions to help schools gain insights into student data and analytics so educators can help students improve learning.

Want to Know More About Futurizing Your Organization?

We would like to get to know a little about your company. Here at Lightholder Consulting, we always like to know the WHAT before the HOW.

Schedule a 15-minute introductory call to chat with us about your challenges and needs. We'll listen carefully. Whether you are new to Microsoft or a current customer, let Lightholder guide you to a new Microsoft experience. 

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