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Demystifying Ai

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AI is a buzzword used by silicon valley whiz kids and marketing gurus. Demystifying AI so anyone can understand its benefits is critical in the tech space. What does AI mean for the average organization, and how can it provide tangible insights into their data? Has it been easy to implement and easy to understand? I postulate that it hasn’t been easy, but this is changing. Azure Cognitive or ACS for short services implemented in the Microsoft ecosystem is more usable and understandable than ever. Need OCR (optical character recognition) to read your documents and have the ability to search millions of documents for keywords? There is an Azure Cognitive Service for that. 

They also have an app to monitor your security cameras for intruders outside your business and send you a text when it sees something out of the ordinary. ACS with Blob Storage can store millions of photos allowing the user to quickly search on specific photos, like searching for images of green-eyed cats. Microsoft has made the incomprehensible, obtuse world of AI understandable for the rest of us. With a growing library of services for real-life problem solving and the ability to implement them in a cost-effective way, Microsoft is helping organizations do things they never thought possible. Lightholder Consulting can help guide you to a new Microsoft experience. 

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